Spam macht Spaß

Gerade eine Spam bekommen. Ist das aus einem Buch? Ist das Cutup? Ist das nicht gut?

Germany is fortunate in being raciallyunited.
However, it goes wellafter a big evening.
That remains a burning issuein all Magyar hearts.
Thosecrackers, washed down with two bottles of beer, constituted my dinner. All the personalities with whom I conferred chatted freely but askedme not to quote them directly. Britain and France have givenRumania a guarantee treaty similar to the one they gave Poland.
Importedfoodstuffs, however, were becoming scarce. Up to that time the Party was fighting for its very life andevery recruit was welcome.
Now, having proved itself out,it is a regular State matter. Nothing to eat, sir; only beer and liquors. That wascertainly a good hunch, as events were to prove! Germany is fortunate in being raciallyunited.
Cautiously I peeked past a corner of the curtain. How long will the train be delayed for all those folks back there inthe control room? A traveler must needs be somewhat of a philosopher, so I proceeded tolook on the bright side.
Importedfoodstuffs, however, were becoming scarce.
It is a stately old building,made over into offices.
Shortly after noon of New Years Day found me in atrain-compartment, Vienna-bound.
The Nazi Old Guard hold most of the leading posts andare generally regarded as most trustworthy. Which means, I suggested, that the Party is thereby free to take upstill other social experiments?
But, formy immediate needs, I took along several large ham sandwiches. After himcame another man bearing in his arms a sucking pig.
The best night train in Germany pulled into Vienna nearly three hourslate. As Nora Wainaptly puts it, he has the daily-dozen-followed-by-a-cold-showerlook.
There, young men and women were busy with typewritersand filing-cabinets.
Should he disappear, anything might happen.
Small wonder that my Budapest friends tended to benervous.
Therefore Hungary counts upon Italianaid.
The mainreason for my skepticism was that I had come straight from Germany. This, however, hit only the richer people whocould afford all-wool clothing.
Now, having proved itself out,it is a regular State matter. Atthe border, the Hungarian customs officials spotted the loot andpromptly confiscated it! Our second principle, he went on, is absolute loyalty andobedience.