2 x SPON Intl: Raw and Direct & Making Literature Social

My little startup series made it to Spiegel Online International. They'll add their own stories in the nexts couple of weeks. Nice people!

The Growth of Berlin into Europe's Start-Up Hub
Web developers from around the world are converging on Berlin, with the German capital becoming a significant center for tech start-ups. In a new series, SPIEGEL ONLINE will scratch beneath the surface to find out more about the people, companies and ideas responsible for the buzz. Is Berlin about to take off, or will it be a repeat of the dot.bomb?
[Spiegel Online]

Readmill Networks Lonely Bookworms
Traditionally, reading has been a solitary activity. But two Berlin-based Swedes hope to change this. They're close to launching new software called Readmill, which promises to create a social network for bookworms to share their reading habits, margin notes and recommendations.
[Spiegel Online]