Auch im HC-Forum gelesen:
The best one was a Parisian friend of mine who got arrested wading down a river with his bag on his shoulder between Ukraine and Romania. They arrested him for „crossing the border“ and subsequently locked him up in a nice Ukranian jail cell. Not a nice situation at all. He was a rather „such as life“ kind of guy, who didn't really think anything bad was going to happen to him. After all the French government was going to save him. That all depends on whether you are given the phone or whatever to call the French embassy. To him this was refused for two days, and the Ukranian guards had fun searching through his dirty underwear to find any Euros he had on him. He was given food and they were civil in this way. The funny thing was when he asked on the 3rd day who he was dealing with here or who was in charge, the head border guard dude gives over a business card (yes they ALL had their own business card) and the phone was given to call the French embassy. They sorted it out, and he was allowed to go home. Or was he? They told him he can stay one more night there for fun. Which to him was ok because he wasn't too cold and he got free food (he was rather poor after they had stolen all his euros). So the next day they finally let him go, but he said that he had no clean clothes and now he had no money. So they clicked their fingers and this old Ukranian lady comes along and takes his stuff, cleans it all and folds it all nicely, polishes his shoes and cleans his bag. Then the head border guard smiles and said something like „you were a good sport in all that.“ so he takes my friend out for a quick dinner and some Ukrania vodka.